My goal is to help you reach your Personal and Professional Style potential so that you are confident to be noticed for the gift that you have to offer the world!

Whether you have a lifestyle shift, returning to the workforce or an event to attend, clothing needed to accommodate your lifestyle is not just simply about a piece of fabric. It’s a journey that I work through with you, no matter what your style barriers are. We work together towards enhancing your image for your personal goals or your professional brand.

For clients needing an Executive presence, and shaping an image that is impactful , your wardrobe does need to be taken seriously. My goal is working towards crafting an image that achieves confidence and gets you noticed. I’m there to help you create your style to so that you can elevate your brand without compromising your individuality!

Every client is unique and has their own style. I’m about being understanding, non-judgemental, approachable and I do break rules if I have to.  My services are personalised and I make it a memorable  experience so that your first impression counts! Your success is your choice!

My packages are designed around and based on what my clients need to create a functional wardrobe to lead the organised life they desire.

If you are more than ready to create a personal image that can expand opportunities for you as an entrepreneur or leader in your field, please visit my packages and see how I can support you.


The Fast Track Package


Discover Your 'X' Factor Package


The Step Into Your Power Package


Corporate Image & Style Reboot Package