This package has been designed for women who need a professional make-over to elevate their style and image in the shortest time possible. It has a strong focus on how to wear your clothes with confidence and maintaining a sustainable wardrobe for your personal or professional brand.


  • I have a one hour online or face-to-face session with you to determine your unique style, colour preferences, wardrobe needs, as well as your budget. We will discuss working together to create a wardrobe that allows you to exude confidence and feel your best in your clothes.
  • To save you valuable time, I do a preshop before our shopping day, selecting and having the shops reserve the clothes and/or accessories you are needing to purchase.
  • On the day we shop, I will work with your best colours and curate outfits for your personality style so it works for your lifestyle. While shopping, I will explain the styles that suit your body type and give tips on how to shop smart in the future. I do work with some stores who offer discounts on full priced items when shopping with an image consultant, and discounted services on alterations. This is always appreciated by clients.
  • This package is completed in 1 day and allows for 4 hours shopping.