I’m not someone who normally loves shopping as finding things that fit and that I like is a challenge. Being a larger size, shopping can be demoralizing as I struggled to find things in my size. Shopping with Tania was the first shopping trip I’ve enjoyed in a while, I loved how she found things in my style that worked for my body shape. It was such a relief to have multiple items that I genuinely loved on the rack when I arrived. In addition I learned so much about how to work with color and style things to suit me. I could not be more grateful and now have some beautiful outfits for work and going out with friends.
Rachael Mulholland
When I briefed Tania on my wardrobe concerns, wants and needs, she listened to understand. Tania took me on a journey of understanding my style, colours and body shape. Tania worked strictly within my budget and found me the best quality I could afford. My shopping day was exceptionally well organised and took a huge amount of stress away from me.
Donna Newman
Tania really helped me prior to a Conference I was presenting at. She pushed my fashion boundaries but also gave me renewed confidence in my own personal style. I was both comfortable and confident in what I was wearing. Bonus: the shoes she helped me select meant 3 days on my feet at a conference was not the usual excruciating experience!
Jennifer Manefield
I cannot say enough about this amazing woman! From the very first call, the coffee colour consult, the shopping day, the alteration pickup plus follow up her service was impeccable! The colours, clothing styles, footwear and accessories were on point. Not only do I feel both comfortable and confident in my new wardrobe I also receive compliments on my clothing style and colours! I highly recommend Tania as a gorgeous human being along with being a fantastic stylist who gives an incredible service.
Diane Klem-Goode
Tania helped me change my wardrobe with aview to aligning my image with what I do…..she is professional to her core – and made anormally painful task – fun
Ivan Kaye