I have loved working with Tania these past few months. She is truly passionate about what she does, and takes real joy seeing her clients find the style that is just right for them. Not only does she take her time to understand your colour profile, she also makes sure she understands your personality and what makes you feel good. The difference this makes to your style and confidence is just incredible. The feeling you get when Tania finds a piece of clothing that is just “you” is fantastic, and it’s a process she nails time and again. She offers wise but gentle counsel on your existing wardrobe, helping you to select the pieces to keep and say goodbye to those that can find a new home, and then works with you to fill the gaps and build your signature style. It’s often the stores I never would have shopped in, or the pieces that I never would have picked up myself, that I have come to love the most. Since I’ve started my journey with Tania, my whole approach to shopping has changed, and I am complimented on my outfits almost daily. She’s an absolute star – and a barrel of fun as well!