A huge thank you to Tania, for my amazing new wardrobe! Tania first came over and did a wardrobe audit… and boy did we get some cobwebs out of the wardrobe, with many years worth of clothing that had just reached the end of their life! I have had an extremely busy year this year so had absolutely no time to spend in the stores clothes shopping (loads of home wares shopping though..) and my wardrobe was definitely showing signs of that! Then just over a week ago we went shopping! Tania’s professionalism, experience and knowledge is amazingly valuable! From what to buy, where to buy certain pieces from, working with colours, and taking me out of my comfort zones in terms of stores that I would never have gone into on my own and then finding the most amazing pieces..we had so much fun and most of all I have a fantastic new wardrobe, to go from styling, to client meeting, to weekend wear to going out! Thank you so much Tania, I am extremely happy and thankful for all your help, knowledge and time!